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Center for People in Need

A good place for anyone to start is the Center For People in Need.

The Center has access to several translators, and can help just about anyone who walks through the door. If the people at the Center can't answer your questions, they probably know people who can.

They publish booklets and guides that list and help explain everything from rent and utility assistance to free or low cost food. They also publish a guide on free or low cost health care services that are available throughout the city. Many of the booklets are available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic and Karen.

The Center also offer specific assistance to the immigrant and refugee population with help in applying for a social security number, how to find housing, how to use medical services, preparing citizenship documents, and offers classes to help prepare for the citizenship test.

The Center can also provide job and computer training.

All services are free.

Read more about the Center for People in Need.

Goodwill & Salvation Army

The Salvation Army and Goodwill are most recognized in the United States for their thrift stores that sell used clothes, furniture and a wide range of household goods at a low cost.

The Salvation Army also offers social services with a computer training lab, after-school programs for children, free food, diapers and...READ MORE

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