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Getting Around

Navigating any American city for the first time can be scary and intimidating, even for native born Americans. Lincoln, Neb., a city of 258,379, is no different.


The best way to get around Lincoln is by car. That will require access to a car, registering an owned car, a driver’s license, and auto insurance.

For its size, Lincoln has limited options for those who don’t have access to a car: taxi/car service, carpooling or city bus. Those traveling to locations beyond Lincoln will likely take a bus, train or airplane.

Buying a Car

There are two options when buying a car: New or used, and both require some work.

Natural-born Americans can feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the process. It is understandably stressful to make such a large purchase, especially when so much of the process can be confusing. So, before stepping onto a car sales lot, it’s best...READ MORE

Lincoln Streets


Not all cities are the same, but roads in Lincoln are primarily laid out in a grid pattern. Knowing the basics of the system can help finding your way around town and...READ MORE

Driver’s License/Car Registration

Getting a driver’s license and registering a car is a necessary process that most people dislike. It ensures a minimum competence level of all drivers and collects the taxes and fees that help maintain the nearly 10,000 miles of roads that cross Nebraska.

Even people born and raised in the United State have...READ MORE

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