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Public Libraries

The most accessible learning opportunities in Lincoln are found in the eight public libraries sprinkled throughout the city.


Public libraries are open to anyone, and provide access to books, magazines, newspapers and the internet. Some libraries also have video and music selections. Anyone can access these materials on the premises, but one must have a library card if they wish to borrow or “check out” an item to take home. Items can be checked out from the library for three weeks before incurring late fees.

Getting a library card is simple and free to anyone living in Lincoln and Lancaster County. To receive a library card one must prove their identity with an official document such as a driver’s license or passport, and prove residence in the county. Proof of residence could be a driver’s license, utility bill, or any piece of mail post-marked within the last 30 days.

Lincoln Libraries occasionally offer special services like computer and internet training courses, or even help with income taxes.

Public Schools

The Lincoln Public Schools system is government-run agency funded by property taxes and other public resources.

All Nebraska children between 6- and 18-years-old are required to attend school, although some students may quit school at 16 with parental permission. Students must finish high school before turning 22-years-old or they will...READ MORE


College or post-secondary education has become more and more important in the United States over the years. Most good paying, professional jobs require a four-year college degree before anyone can even apply for an entry-level job.

Although college can be expensive, there are several ways to fund the education with...READ MORE

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