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Leaving Lincoln

Traveling beyond Lincoln is only limited by the amount of time and money available.

The most affordable ways to travel to neighboring and distant cities are by bus or train, but rates can vary daily. The drawback to bus or train travel is how long it takes.

According to rates in March 2012, a bus trip to Chicago will take about 11 hours and cost around $100. A trip to Detroit will take about 20 hours and cost around $140.

Travel Time** Price**
Lincoln to Chicago Bus 10:55 $102
Train 11:30 $77
Lincoln to Detroit Bus 19:30 $139
Train 17:00 $121

A train ride to Chicago will take about 11-and-a-half hours and cost around $80. A ride to Detroit will take about 17 hours and cost around $120.

Air travel is the fastest route, but it can be much more expensive.

A non-stop flight to Chicago might take less than two hours, but the cost can range up to $850 or more per ticket. But air fares can wildly fluctuate from day-to-day and it’s possible that special rates might be available at a cost less than a bus or train ticket. But these low fares are difficult to find, and often don’t last long.

There are several websites that will help travelers find the best air fares, and can also help arrange hotel rooms or car rentals.

Traveling by airplane also presents other challenges brought on by increased security measures. Lincoln’s airport doesn’t present as many of the frustrations travelers encounter at larger airports, but the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of their website provides many useful tips for travelers.

**Rates and times are estimates and may have changed. Check AmTrak and Greyhound for current rates and times.

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